Lake Skinner

  Theres nothing quite as refreshing as getting away from it all and just hanging out with mother nature. I recently decided to do some camping and went out to Lake Skinner in Wine Country Temecula. 

 I haven’t been to this lake since childhood and it’s definitely not what I remeber but I had a lot of fun and thought I would bring you an honest review of the lake in case your thinking of visiting.

 Lake skinner is a popular camping spot in Southern California. The lake is fairly large compared to others in the area and is close to town but hidden in an area remote enought that you don’t feel like your 15 minutes from a large city.

 I traveled here for a weekend of camping and relaxation. Admittedly I should have paid more attention to the weather forecast that weekend because it was 111 degrees!!

Parking Space Style Camping

 Upon pulling into the campground I was disappointed to find that my camping space was little more than two parking spaces wide. There was barely enough room on my space for my tent and my car.

 The space had a picnic table and a firepit however these were both literally right next to each other. However it was a joy to know that this particular campground allowed for wood burning fires. I know that Lake Cuyamaca only allows for coal fires; which presents difficulties when making Smores.

 The last issue I had with my site was that there was no distance between my site and my neighbors. While my neighbors were quite pleasant it would have been nice to have some distance between us.

The Campground Store

 I moved about a year prior to this trip and during that move gave up all my tools. Yeah I don’t have any tools except for a couple screw drivers and a swiss army knife.

 The day of the camping trip I realized I was going to need a hammer to drive my stakes in the ground. So I stopped at Walmart and picked up a rubber end mallet on my way to the lake.

The issue was that the ground is so hard that hammering my stakes into the ground literally made the rubber hammer start chipping. 

 I decided to check and see if I could purchase a real hammer from the campground store. I was surprised to find that they actually only sell small plastic mallets that look like something you would give a child. 

I ended up having to use my rubber tipped mallet until it was little more than a nub. 

If your looking for something other than a hammer the campgroundstore has everything you need including firewood, water and even air mattress repair kits. 

Bathrooms are Dirty

I decided to hit the showers around 9pm. Unfortunately several other people had this idea as well so there was a long line. 

A contributing factor to the wait was that my sites bathroom only had two showers, one of which was broken.

Another thing sites bathrooms suffer from is being extremely dirty. It was so dirty in the restroom I thought to myself that it must not have been cleaned all week. Do not expect to find a clean restroom at this lake.

The Lake 

 I usually camp at Lake Cuyamaca. Its closer for me and I like how close Julian is to it. But Cuyamacas major drawback is the lake is so small. Well that and I do not believe there are any fish there because I haven’t caught anything in my last 3 trips there but I digress.

 Lake Skinner is huge compared to Lake Cuyamaca. A boat can be rented for $28 dollars for 2 hours and then something like $6 for each additional hour.

 The lake has its own store which deals with boat and equipment rentals.  They also sell bait and a few things like water and candy bars. 

 I purchased my fishing license at the main campground store but it was explained to me the permits can be purchased at the lake store as well.

 Should You Camp Here 

It depends. Are you the type of person that enjoys waking up and not having neighbors nearby? If so this is not the campground for you. 

Personally I can deal with dirty bathrooms. It’s a public campground I didn’t expect anything fancy. Are you ok with neighbors being close by?  If so then this place shouldn’t bother you.

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