Back from Colorado

 I’m back from Colorado! Well in truth I’ve been back a while. Just kinda hit one of those poits in life where I’ve been pretty busy. There are some articles in works that will include recent camping trips and my trip to power morphicon.

  The trip to Colorado was interesting for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do much exploring. I was visiting a sick relative and mostly out near 11 Mile State Park (beautiful by the way), which is just out in the middle of nowhere.

Here are some interesting points about this trip.

Denver International Airport Conspiracy.

 While waiting in the terminal for my plane to arrive I was texted a link about the conspiracy theories surrounding this airport and after looking into I kinda believe some of them. This place is massive and its in the middle of nowhere! 

The conspiracy theories are vast but if you get the opportunity to look into them it’s some interesting reading. Heres just a small sample:

-Secret underground military bunkers. 5 buildings were built in the wrong spot so what did the builders do? Bury them.Thats right there are five buildings under the airport.

-A meteor almost hit earth. So they flew Obama to Denver to hang out in the underground bunkers.

– Who paid for the airport?  The New World Airport Comission. Oh wait they don’t exist.

-Crazy paintings depicting nuclear holocaust everywhere! 

It’s the only conspiracy plot I’ve ever bought into.

 Theres so much free space!

  The State of Colorado owes me money.

I enjoy fishing whenever I can and my relative’s home is fairly close to 11 Mile State Park. So close I could see the lake clearly from her home.

So we decided to head to the lake and do some fishing. Unfortunately I had no gear and no permit. 

After driving around the lake we finally found the State run facility which provides fishing permits. I was easily able to by the fishing permit however they did not rent fishing poles or sell bait. They instead referred me to the bait shop directly next to the lake which is also appearently a State run facility.

 This is where things tried my patience. I eager entered the facility picked out some fishing tools and walked to the counter. I set all my items down on the counter and informed the attendant behind the counter I needed to rent a fishing pole. 

A different attendant choose that moment to walk behind the counter and informed me they were not renting boats today. Thats right… I asked for a pole and was instead told they weren’t renting boats.

Thinking she may have misheard my inquiry I again asked to rent a pole and was again told they arent renting boats.

On the third attempt I clearly said that I was not interested in renting a boat and just wanted a pole. The attendant seemed as if she had never heard such a thing. She consulted a third passing by employee and came back with “We arent renting boats today”.. .

After several minutes of insisting I just needed a pole they eventually told me they can only rent poles with boats but it was too windy on the lake so there were no pole rentals.

I ended up having to goto the building where i got my permit and explaining that their sister site refused me a rental pole much to everyones confusion. I was told I had to file a dispute and that it could be weeks before I saw my money returned.

Returning on Frontier Airlines 

 My homecoming on Frontier Airlines was a bit more of a hassle than my flight to Colorado it did however work out in my favor.

 The relative that was supposed to take me to the airport got stuck doing some things the day I was supposed to leave. So I had to borrow her car,  pick up another relative and then drive myself through Colorado to Denver Airport. I arrived 3 hours early. I mostly killed time by PokemonGo hunting.

 Once Frontier began accepting check-ins I was informed by the flight attendant that not only was my plane an hour late but there was a seating error and my seat had now been moved. Much to my horror I was now to be in the middle seat as opposed to the aisle seat that I originally booked.

 Thoughts of being crammed between two strangers and my knees painfully driven into the seat in front of me immediately came to mind. Luckily I found the error was in my favor as I was actually bumped up to the very first row where I had plenty of leg room and I was not as squished between my fellow passengers as I thought I would be.

 Conspiracy theories, fishing nonsense,  and late plane arrivals aside. I loved Colorado’s wide open spaces and beautiful landscape I would love to do some camping there and explore so more.