Traveling on Frontier Airlines today.


  I’m headed out of town aboard Frontier Airlines this morning, I am actually on the plane now. It’s my first plane ride in almost year.

  Without going into much deatil (you never know who has stumbled across your website). Circumstances beyond my control have forced me into using some of the money I’ve been setting aside and scrambling to find a plane ticket the same week of my departure .

  Here are a couple things that I have learned while making travel arrangements.

  • Frontier Airlines is super cheap

 I generally do a variety of searches before I travel. This time I used kayak, Priceline and Skyscanner to name a few. But I could not for the life of me find a round trip ticket for less than $407 via any of the above. On the recommendation of 2 co-workers and a family member I decided to check out Frontier. 

  The fare to my destination was very cheap. Like $160 for a round trip cheap. The issue here was that this was not the final cost. While the ticket itself was $160, Frontier Airlines makes up for this low cost by charging you additional fees based on where you want to sit in the plane (between  $5 and $30), and charging a $35 dollar fee for carry on bags. You are allowed 1 free item such as a purse or laptop. 

  After all was said and done though my plane ticket was still significantly less expensive than any other option. I spent a total of $250 on my ticket.

  • The flight.

  I am a slightly larger individual, around 6 foot. When buying my ticket I was fairly concerned that my knees would be driven in the passenger seat in front of me as was the case on my last two flights with Royal Thai Airlines and Southwest.

  I choose the standard seating from Frontier as opposed to their strech seating and I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much leg room I had. Not only did my knees not get buried into the seat in front of me but room to shuffle my feet forward (slightly).

  Additionally the selection of in flight food and drink was very limited. I choose their breakfast on the fly combo and was given the choice of coffee or water, chex mix or nuts.

 The only disappointment about the ride was that the seat offers little to no cushion and makes for a slightly uncomfortable ride. 

  On the plus side the Attendants were very friendly and my flight arrived arrived 20 minutes early. We’ll see how the flight is on my return. 

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