The Mira Mesa D6 Night Market


I recently attended the D6 Night Market in Mira Mesa California. D6 is still in its infancy with this being its second year. This year the event took place in the Mira Mesa Community Park and was packed with Asian food vendors with everything from Boba to Okonomiyaki. There were break dance battles going on in some sections of the park, some merchants selling hand made crafts and even a small beer garden.


My fiancee and I circled the market once before making our first stop to the Okonomiyaki vendor that was next to one of the entrances. I was actually really surprised there was an Okonomiyaki vendor here as most people don’t seem to know what it is and combined with the fact I’ve only found one Japanese restaurant in San Diego that makes it this was a pleasant surprise.

With our hunger satisfied our next stop was to the beer garden. This was a bit disappointing. There seemed to be only 3 vendors who were selling Callahans, San Miguel and Ballast point. Each merchant seemed to only be selling between 2 and 3 different beers and despite signs outside of the beer garden stating that Green Flash and Asahi were being offered I couldn’t figure out who was selling what as only one of the three merchants had a sign indicating what they had. I ended up going with Callahans Blueberry Wheat and then watching a local band play on stage.

I think my favorite moment of this may well have been toward the end of the night. Once it got dark enough was a mini light show to some techno/house music and my friend’s daughter went nuts and danced (she runs in circles, its cute) to the beat.


Cost wise D6 night market set my fiancee and I back about $40. We purchased 2 Okinomiyakis, 2 beers, 1 boba and 1 beef stick. Not very expensive for a night out.

Overall it was a fun experience and I look forward to seeing this event grow in the future but it definitely had more of a festival vibe than a night market.


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