Journeying in the Magic Kingdom


If you know me you know I am a Disney fan boy. I love going to the Magic Kingdom on the regular, being an annual passholder helps cost wise with that. I’d say I got about 15 trips out of my first annual pass.

  During my time as a passholder I have learned a few things that I will pass on to you and hopefully you will find these tips helpful.

  1. Fastpasses

A friend of mine recently went to Disney and I was quite surprised because he called me from Disney to ask about fast passes. Fast passes are ways for you to get through a ride quicker.

Essentially goto a ride with a fastpass designated area. Insert your ticket/pass into the machine and it will give you a ticket that will let you come back at a later time and skip 90 percent of the line. These tickets are especially useful for the big rides like Indian Jones or Space mountain which can have lines up to 90 minutes long!

If you have a multipark ticket that lets you visit California adventure and Disneyland on the same day I recommend getting a fastpass from both parks and then waiting in line for a different ride.

The Cars ride at California Adventure is incredibly popular and wait times can average 70+ minutes. The fast pass for this is located between the “A Bugs Life” land and the Grizzly River Run ride. I’ve seen them run out of fast passes for this ride as early as Noon so get them as soon as you can!

It should be noted that not every ride has a fast pass.

2. Grab a locker

I know going to Disney can be expensive and you probably don’t want to spend another $15 on a locker. I’ve felt the same way. But after walking around for 5 hours with a heavy backpack full of water bottles and snacks that you brought in to save money your back will be sore and this is going to impact your mood. Plus it sucks trying to tuck a heavy backpack between your legs every time you get on a ride.

Grabbing a locker may cost you a little bit more but hey its less stuff you have to lug around. Plus you can shove your purchases from throughout the day in there or even bring a change of clothes for after those wet rides like splash mountain.

3.My Favorite Places to Eat

I don’t like making meals for the park, and carrying them around or leaving them in a hot locker all day. I also do not like expensive yet terrible food. That being said my top places to eat in Disney are:

Carnation Cafe

This is right on Main Street across from the Starbucks. You dont usually need a reservation to eat here and their breakfasts and lunches are actually pretty affordable if your a small party.

I usually come here and have burger and a vanilla malt. Which will run in the $12-15 dollar range.

The French Market

I’ve eaten here a few times and its quickly becoming a favorite. Its inexpensive, has outdoor seating and periodically throughout the day will have live music.

I usually get the jambalaya here along with a coke. As with Carnation Cafe the price is usually around $12-$15 per plate.

Blue Bayou

For those who are not on a budget Blue Bayou is a GREAT place to eat. This restaurant is inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It makes you feel like you are eating on the deck of a house in the bayou.  The ambiance is really fantastic. Sometimes you get lucky and can walk in but usually you will need a reservation to eat at this delicious place.

The meals here run between $30 and $50 per plate but the ambiance and service are top notch. I usually have  the Surf and Turf with a Louisiana Lemonade and I do not ever regret a meal here.


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