The Tijuana Cultural Center


One of the advantages of living in San Diego is that I can rather quickly go to Mexico; if I’m inclined to.

Rather recently I have had the opportunity to go to Mexico twice. Both times after work for a total of around 10 hours. Obviously not the most time but I got to see some things.

The picture above is of the San Ysidro walk in entrance to Tijuana, Mexico. Once you walk in to the processing building you are immediately aware you are no longer in the United States.

On both days I was advised by my significant other to look as natural as possible when entering the processing building pictured above. Both times I was immediately stopped and sent to a line consistenting of 1 or 2 other people. A officer then stamped my passport and sent me on my way.

After walking a block or two you will be greated by a horde of people trying to shuffle you into a taxi. Only 1 of the 4 or 5 taxis I was in had seat belts. I am a seat belt person and they make me feel slightly more comfortable when driving through what I can only describe as crazy Tijuana traffic.

Aside from the feeling I was walking in to a prison and the anxiety of driving in craziness I actually had a pretty positive experience.

I had some great steak at a lovely Aregentinian place.


And my personal favorite experience of my mini adventure was exploring the Tijuana Cultural Center.


The cultural center is actually really cool. It is the only IMAX theater in Tijuana. They currently have a Journey  (the rock band) lazer show that plays inside the dome. I am disappointed I did not get to see it.


Additionally the building behind the dome structure is actually a museum complete with botanical garden. The Botanical is small but free and has some cool statues you can view


The museum itself is about $1.25 usd to enter. You appearently have the option to view either the Tijuana rock museum which from what i could discern has replica guitars of famous TJ rock bands or take a trip through the history of Baja California.

The museum would not allow me to take picturesof the displays inside but you’ll see replicas of Spanish ships, sword, chapels, and even a small section on dinosaurs.

If you get the chance i would recommed stopping by this museum watching the Journey show (I love Journey) and checking out the Cultural Center.


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