Working toward my goal.

It’s been an incredibly difficult week work wise. I am spending about 10-12 hours a week just commuting to work, working overtime and after overtime is over I am on call 24/7. It’s no way to live.

Today really made me look at my life and say to myself I don’t want to do this after next year. I have to take time off and travel. So how am I working toward that goal?

For one thing I’m writing this blog. It helps me to vent about my frustration and hopefully meet like minded people.

I follow a few digital nomands. I’ve been watching vloggers As they have lived in the country I want to goto. I find their videos informative and need to send them some coffee. Nomadic Matt also has a ton of great articles. One of which helped to sway me in direction of getting a travel credit. While he suggests  other travel cards, I decided on the Capital One Venture card. I don’t expect to get free first class accommodation from using this card but the sign on bonus will certainly help me lower the cost of my plane tickets. I’ll write more about this in the future.

I am looking to open an online business. I’ve got alot of ideas. I just want to create a business where I can make enough money to pay for travel on the road ie food, cheap hotels and so forth.

Last but not least since I am working a crazy amount I am putting all the money I can in savings.  I never thought I would have as much as I do in savings but I do. I am ready to change my life in 2017.


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