Like a sith lord

I think it’s important to try and look at the brightside of life.  While I am finding certain aspects of my life to be difficult at the moment  I find alot of solace in the fact that I know next year has a lot of great changes in store for me.

While my job seems to be the source of my frustration I know it’s only for 1 more year. A friend of mine once visited Spain. When he came back he said that “In Spain they work to live. In the US we live to work”. The more time I spend at my current job the more I understand this saying.

Currently I work my 40+ hour work week and am on call the rest of the day. This makes doing anything extremely difficult. Now I’m all for pulling my weight but not in this fashion. So like a sith lord I will be patient, bid my time, gain power (ie money) and when next year hits I am going on a hiatus and plan to travel to and explore Thailand.

I’ve spent alot of time recently browsing sites like looking for airline tickets and I’ve almost got enough for 2 round trip tickets. If things go according to plan I should be able to purchase both tickets very soon. After that its just accommodation and spending money!

Maybe I should put up a meter with an approximate I have saved, the areas I’d like to travel to or maybe next post I’ll show some of the prices I’ve been looking at for airfare. If you have any suggestions let me know!


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