Brainstorming my escape

The past few days all i have thought about is how can I break free of the 9-5. I know I want an online business but don’t know what direction to go. Do I care about being rich? No. I wanna do something I like. Rich would be great sure. But really I just wanna make enough to cover bills and travel.

So I’ve been thinking do I want to sell a product or service? What do I love? What skills do i have? I’m good at dumbing things down for people. I love nerd culture. I’m computer savvy. So how can I take those things and turn them into a sustainable business.

I thought about maybe starting a website and selling only digital comics online. I also thought about blogging about my favorite shows or shows I’ve watched and hated. I’ve got some other ideas I’m thinking about too. Stay tuned.


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