Mid life crisis

5 years ago I was 27, unemployed, living with two friends who took me in and going to community college to earn a degree in Electronics. I remember at that time thinking if I could just get a job making $10 an hour and work my way up I could make my dreams come true.

Then about 3 years ago I started making things happen. I earned a CompTIA A+ and  CompTIA Network+. I told myself I spent $600 on these certs and I refuse to make less that $12 an hour. I applied to so many jobs and finally landed a job for $14 an hour and with benefits. I am now 32, still at that job, make $20 an hour, have my Associate degree, a new car and a great fiance.

This job has afforded me a lot of great opportunities and I’ve grown so much in 5 years. So why do I feel so unhappy with my life? Am I having a mid-life crisis? All i can think about now is traveling, working either entirely online for someone else or starting my own online business and I’m feeling really determined. I don’t think I want to be at this job next year.


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