Finding Support

Moving out of the country becomes more and more real to me everyday. I’ve already priced apartments for places I want to live in Bangkok, Thailand. I can definitely find and rent a place for 3 months for under $1000 USD.

Excitement is building and I find myself telling more and more of my family and longtime friends about this. Most commonly they are at first stunned but then there is nothing but support. Every single person I have told about this says its an amazing adventure and that my fiance need to go out there and do this while we’re still young.

My significant other and I have discussed this and we want to begin this adventure next March or April at latest. This gives us a year to save everything we need. We are both earn a decent amount and have relatively few bills so accomplishing this should not prove to be overly difficult.

Let the saving begin!



Brainstorming my escape

The past few days all i have thought about is how can I break free of the 9-5. I know I want an online business but don’t know what direction to go. Do I care about being rich? No. I wanna do something I like. Rich would be great sure. But really I just wanna make enough to cover bills and travel.

So I’ve been thinking do I want to sell a product or service? What do I love? What skills do i have? I’m good at dumbing things down for people. I love nerd culture. I’m computer savvy. So how can I take those things and turn them into a sustainable business.

I thought about maybe starting a website and selling only digital comics online. I also thought about blogging about my favorite shows or shows I’ve watched and hated. I’ve got some other ideas I’m thinking about too. Stay tuned.

Mid life crisis

5 years ago I was 27, unemployed, living with two friends who took me in and going to community college to earn a degree in Electronics. I remember at that time thinking if I could just get a job making $10 an hour and work my way up I could make my dreams come true.

Then about 3 years ago I started making things happen. I earned a CompTIA A+ and  CompTIA Network+. I told myself I spent $600 on these certs and I refuse to make less that $12 an hour. I applied to so many jobs and finally landed a job for $14 an hour and with benefits. I am now 32, still at that job, make $20 an hour, have my Associate degree, a new car and a great fiance.

This job has afforded me a lot of great opportunities and I’ve grown so much in 5 years. So why do I feel so unhappy with my life? Am I having a mid-life crisis? All i can think about now is traveling, working either entirely online for someone else or starting my own online business and I’m feeling really determined. I don’t think I want to be at this job next year.