Hiya Escapees! Its been awhile. I won’t lie to you lately my passion to write has fallen. But I felt inspired this last weekend. As a San Diego native and a life long Lego lover you may think I’ve been to Legoland at least once in the 18 years the park has been open. Well you would be mistaken.

Lego and I have this odd relationship. They make awesome sets that weren’t available to me as a child and now as an adult I can’t afford to buy their awesome sets. Man, I want Lego AT-AT. I think if they ever made a Lego Voltron I would actually kill for it…

I recently had the opportunity to visit Legoland. As someone who has made many trips to Disneyland (seriously like 60 +, those annual passes man!) I wondered how it would compare. Would it be as packed and expensive? Would I be forced to wait hours in line?  And probably most importantly was that ride they always show in the commercial where the people are in pirate ships spraying each other with water really that fun!? Lets examine all of that.


When visiting the park in addition to your admission fee you can expect to also pay for parking. They have two different sets of parking theres your standard parking which will set you back $18 and then they have Preferred Parking which will run you $25. As near as I could tell Preferred Parking only got you a parking space that is closer to the gate and its not that much closer really. Pocket the extra money unless you really can’t stand the idea of walking the extra 500 feet.

Admission into the Park itself depends on what you want to do. If you just want to see Legoland then its $95 for an adult. If you want to see the waterpark attached to it then you gotta pay a little extra I don’t quite recall the price but it wasn’t that much more.

The thing I found most interesting here were the annual pass prices. I’ve held an annual pass to Disneyland twice. My last annual pass was pretty close to a $1000  for the year, I didn’t have the highest tier pass and still had blackout dates. A Legoland unlimited annual pass is MUCH cheaper. The highest level pass for Legoland is $279. If you really like Legos and are local it maybe worth your time to pick up.

The Crowds

The last time few times I went to Disney there were long lines of people just waiting to get past the bag check. Once through the bag check you then had to walk through metal detector. It was pretty annoying and leads to a long line of people just trying to get to a point where they can buy tickets. Legoland does not have this same practice yet. Theres still a back check but the crowd heading to Legoland is alot smaller so theres a very small line and no metal detectors.

The crowd at Legoland is pretty different from Disneyland too. Legoland seemed to really just be for familys with small children. Not that Disney is not a family place but I think at Disney you are more likely to find people from all walks of life whether that’s two people on a date, a family or even just a group of guys hanging out trying to get on Star Tours.  

Part of the reason you see more familys at Legoland is that the rides are more similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland so they are geared toward younger children and it makes it very family friendly. No large coasters like Space Mountain here.


Well I did not get to experience the pirate water splashy ride. The ride was down that day so I didn’t even get to see others having fun on it. I actually got on very few rides. By far the funnest attraction I was on was “Police and Fire Academy Rescue”, a ride where you and your group (I mean really it would be your kids) pump a lever up and down, jump out and shoot a water gun at a building with a picture of a fire on it then you race back to the starting point using the pump on the fire truck again.

I also rode the “Dragon” and “Technic Test Track” roller coasters. The Dragon ride is definitely meant for younger children. It’s a pretty slow moving ride and  takes you through a small area made to look like the interior of a castle.

The Technic Test Track would probably be for slightly older children around 10ish. It’s a faster moving ride than the Dragon and has one slightly larger dip.

Otherwise my favorite area was Mini land. In this area Lego engineers, I don’t know if they’re called that, have recreated things like the Las Vegas Strip, New York and scenes from Star Wars.

Some parts of these recreations are actually interactive. You can press buttons next to the exhibit and some parts will start moving. For example they have recreated Luke’s famous Death Star trench run in his X-wing. If you press the button here Lego turrets start moving around and make laser fire sounds. So in case your wondering Lego Mini Star Wars land was my favorite.

Should you go?

So should you head out to Legoland? I think it’s a great local spot to take your kids and they will love you for it.  It has alot of stuff for your kids to enjoy.

If your an adult just looking to check out Lego stuff then Legoland is a nice way to kill a day looking at cool Lego exhibits. You can kill a the day here but I don’t think there’s enough here to occupy you for multiple trips in the year. I would probably shy away from an annual pass, unless you really really into Legos.




Whats up Escapees?

Howdy Escapees. I think that is what I’m going to call you all from now on. You follow me you’re an escapee.

I’ve been away for a few months, obviously. There have been a few things have been happening that kept me busy and time just got away from me. The new goal may be to make 1 or maybe 2 posts a month here on the site.I’m fairly busy lately and the next month is proving to be even busier so I will do the best I can.

With the above said I actually did recently go back to Thailand. It was not for the reasons I had wanted and it hurt the savings a little bit but it was worth every penny. I’ll be writing a post about my experience going back a second time in the days/weeks that follow.

Until then Escapees I gotta hit the sack I gotta work in the morning.






Back to Thailand

After almost 2 years for reasons that were undesirable I went back to Thailand.

I won’t go into the reasons for why I went but I am happy to recount my experiences with you.

Air China

I did alot of checking online for tickets using sites like Kayak, Priceline and a few others before going.

My first choice for an airline was EVA. Their ticket prices were not the lowest but they had great reviews online which swayed me very heavily toward them.

Ultimately though I did not end up going with EVA. I instead got a package from Travelocity that cost me about $800 total. For this price I got a China Airlines roundtrip plane ticket, hotel in Bangkok for the entirety of my stay and a private taxi from and to the airport.

I was not excited about the airline as its reviews were not stellar when it comes to customer satisfaction but luckily I did not encounter any of the issues I have read about.

Appearently China Air had acquired a few Boeing 777s in their fleet. The plane was large, the seating was pretty spacious in economy and looked more so further up, everyone had a nice touchscreen and the attendants were fairly nice in my opinion. This made the the voyage to my layover destination pretty enjoyable.

Unfortunately we were switched over to an older Boeing 747 upon getting to our layover destination and things were much less enjoyable. The seating was cramped, their were televisions in the seats but they were remote operated and much as you would expect from a remote with years of service under its belt it barely worked.

The positive? The food was good on both the Boeing 747 and 777, the movie selections were for recent movies such as Warcraft or Finding Dory.

The Hotel

 You may be wondering what kind of hotel Travelocity got me for my package. Nothing great. I stayed at the Buddy Mansion in Ramkhamhaeng.

There is nothing wrong with the this hotel if your not picky and understand its just a place to sleep while you go adventuring.

They offer washing machines, wifi, televisions and American style toilets.

The problems with this hotel are entirely due to its location. Its not located near the BTS station. Meaning you can’t just walk down the street and catch the BTS to any major tourist spots such as Wat Pho, Asiatic or even MBK.

Due to this your stuck relying on taxis and tuk tuks. While getting a taxi out of Ramkhamhaeng was easy it was often expensive. Generally between 300-500 baht (it was about 34 baht to a dollar when I was there).

Making matters worse most taxi drivers don’t turn on their meter. If you want them to do so then prepare to argue. I’m not good at that so I just paid….

Getting a taxi back to the hotel was a challenge each day. Nearly every taxi driver was unfamiliar with this hotel/area. Even after giving them a Thai business card with the address we got lost several times and one taxi driver openly complained to me about how far Ramkhamhaeng was from MBK for the duration of my ride even though he was already getting paid double what he should have.

Ultimately I ended up checking out of Buddy Mansion early and opted to stay at a hotel closer to the BTS and MBK that was only around $20 USD per night. Getting around town became much easier after this.

Tip: If you are good at haggling with people and can convince the driver to turn on their meter or just plain luck in to hailing a taxi that uses the meter you can expect to pay much lower rates.

Was the package worth it?

Ultimately I don’t feel this package was worthwhile. Why? I am solely basing this on the hotel and taxis.

The hotel was much too far from anything fun and exciting. So far that I probably spent a few thousand baht in 2 days (that’s right a few thousand )  just getting around to the MBK area and back to my hotel.

Additionally the “private” car that Travelocity got me cost a total of $60 usd. This is way more expensive than it should be.  The hotel I decided to stay at was actually further from the airport than Buddy Mansion was  however on my way back to the states I just got a random taxi and was only charged $15 to go from my hotel to the airport.

Live and learn right? So the lessons from this post? China Air is okay. Ramkhamhaeng is far away from touristy fun. And Taxis are expensive.

Lake Skinner

  Theres nothing quite as refreshing as getting away from it all and just hanging out with mother nature. I recently decided to do some camping and went out to Lake Skinner in Wine Country Temecula. 

 I haven’t been to this lake since childhood and it’s definitely not what I remeber but I had a lot of fun and thought I would bring you an honest review of the lake in case your thinking of visiting.

 Lake skinner is a popular camping spot in Southern California. The lake is fairly large compared to others in the area and is close to town but hidden in an area remote enought that you don’t feel like your 15 minutes from a large city.

 I traveled here for a weekend of camping and relaxation. Admittedly I should have paid more attention to the weather forecast that weekend because it was 111 degrees!!

Parking Space Style Camping

 Upon pulling into the campground I was disappointed to find that my camping space was little more than two parking spaces wide. There was barely enough room on my space for my tent and my car.

 The space had a picnic table and a firepit however these were both literally right next to each other. However it was a joy to know that this particular campground allowed for wood burning fires. I know that Lake Cuyamaca only allows for coal fires; which presents difficulties when making Smores.

 The last issue I had with my site was that there was no distance between my site and my neighbors. While my neighbors were quite pleasant it would have been nice to have some distance between us.

The Campground Store

 I moved about a year prior to this trip and during that move gave up all my tools. Yeah I don’t have any tools except for a couple screw drivers and a swiss army knife.

 The day of the camping trip I realized I was going to need a hammer to drive my stakes in the ground. So I stopped at Walmart and picked up a rubber end mallet on my way to the lake.

The issue was that the ground is so hard that hammering my stakes into the ground literally made the rubber hammer start chipping. 

 I decided to check and see if I could purchase a real hammer from the campground store. I was surprised to find that they actually only sell small plastic mallets that look like something you would give a child. 

I ended up having to use my rubber tipped mallet until it was little more than a nub. 

If your looking for something other than a hammer the campgroundstore has everything you need including firewood, water and even air mattress repair kits. 

Bathrooms are Dirty

I decided to hit the showers around 9pm. Unfortunately several other people had this idea as well so there was a long line. 

A contributing factor to the wait was that my sites bathroom only had two showers, one of which was broken.

Another thing sites bathrooms suffer from is being extremely dirty. It was so dirty in the restroom I thought to myself that it must not have been cleaned all week. Do not expect to find a clean restroom at this lake.

The Lake 

 I usually camp at Lake Cuyamaca. Its closer for me and I like how close Julian is to it. But Cuyamacas major drawback is the lake is so small. Well that and I do not believe there are any fish there because I haven’t caught anything in my last 3 trips there but I digress.

 Lake Skinner is huge compared to Lake Cuyamaca. A boat can be rented for $28 dollars for 2 hours and then something like $6 for each additional hour.

 The lake has its own store which deals with boat and equipment rentals.  They also sell bait and a few things like water and candy bars. 

 I purchased my fishing license at the main campground store but it was explained to me the permits can be purchased at the lake store as well.

 Should You Camp Here 

It depends. Are you the type of person that enjoys waking up and not having neighbors nearby? If so this is not the campground for you. 

Personally I can deal with dirty bathrooms. It’s a public campground I didn’t expect anything fancy. Are you ok with neighbors being close by?  If so then this place shouldn’t bother you.

Back from Colorado

 I’m back from Colorado! Well in truth I’ve been back a while. Just kinda hit one of those poits in life where I’ve been pretty busy. There are some articles in works that will include recent camping trips and my trip to power morphicon.

  The trip to Colorado was interesting for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do much exploring. I was visiting a sick relative and mostly out near 11 Mile State Park (beautiful by the way), which is just out in the middle of nowhere.

Here are some interesting points about this trip.

Denver International Airport Conspiracy.

 While waiting in the terminal for my plane to arrive I was texted a link about the conspiracy theories surrounding this airport and after looking into I kinda believe some of them. This place is massive and its in the middle of nowhere! 

The conspiracy theories are vast but if you get the opportunity to look into them it’s some interesting reading. Heres just a small sample:

-Secret underground military bunkers. 5 buildings were built in the wrong spot so what did the builders do? Bury them.Thats right there are five buildings under the airport.

-A meteor almost hit earth. So they flew Obama to Denver to hang out in the underground bunkers.

– Who paid for the airport?  The New World Airport Comission. Oh wait they don’t exist.

-Crazy paintings depicting nuclear holocaust everywhere! 

It’s the only conspiracy plot I’ve ever bought into.

 Theres so much free space!

  The State of Colorado owes me money.

I enjoy fishing whenever I can and my relative’s home is fairly close to 11 Mile State Park. So close I could see the lake clearly from her home.

So we decided to head to the lake and do some fishing. Unfortunately I had no gear and no permit. 

After driving around the lake we finally found the State run facility which provides fishing permits. I was easily able to by the fishing permit however they did not rent fishing poles or sell bait. They instead referred me to the bait shop directly next to the lake which is also appearently a State run facility.

 This is where things tried my patience. I eager entered the facility picked out some fishing tools and walked to the counter. I set all my items down on the counter and informed the attendant behind the counter I needed to rent a fishing pole. 

A different attendant choose that moment to walk behind the counter and informed me they were not renting boats today. Thats right… I asked for a pole and was instead told they weren’t renting boats.

Thinking she may have misheard my inquiry I again asked to rent a pole and was again told they arent renting boats.

On the third attempt I clearly said that I was not interested in renting a boat and just wanted a pole. The attendant seemed as if she had never heard such a thing. She consulted a third passing by employee and came back with “We arent renting boats today”.. .

After several minutes of insisting I just needed a pole they eventually told me they can only rent poles with boats but it was too windy on the lake so there were no pole rentals.

I ended up having to goto the building where i got my permit and explaining that their sister site refused me a rental pole much to everyones confusion. I was told I had to file a dispute and that it could be weeks before I saw my money returned.

Returning on Frontier Airlines 

 My homecoming on Frontier Airlines was a bit more of a hassle than my flight to Colorado it did however work out in my favor.

 The relative that was supposed to take me to the airport got stuck doing some things the day I was supposed to leave. So I had to borrow her car,  pick up another relative and then drive myself through Colorado to Denver Airport. I arrived 3 hours early. I mostly killed time by PokemonGo hunting.

 Once Frontier began accepting check-ins I was informed by the flight attendant that not only was my plane an hour late but there was a seating error and my seat had now been moved. Much to my horror I was now to be in the middle seat as opposed to the aisle seat that I originally booked.

 Thoughts of being crammed between two strangers and my knees painfully driven into the seat in front of me immediately came to mind. Luckily I found the error was in my favor as I was actually bumped up to the very first row where I had plenty of leg room and I was not as squished between my fellow passengers as I thought I would be.

 Conspiracy theories, fishing nonsense,  and late plane arrivals aside. I loved Colorado’s wide open spaces and beautiful landscape I would love to do some camping there and explore so more.

Traveling on Frontier Airlines today.


  I’m headed out of town aboard Frontier Airlines this morning, I am actually on the plane now. It’s my first plane ride in almost year.

  Without going into much deatil (you never know who has stumbled across your website). Circumstances beyond my control have forced me into using some of the money I’ve been setting aside and scrambling to find a plane ticket the same week of my departure .

  Here are a couple things that I have learned while making travel arrangements.

  • Frontier Airlines is super cheap

 I generally do a variety of searches before I travel. This time I used kayak, Priceline and Skyscanner to name a few. But I could not for the life of me find a round trip ticket for less than $407 via any of the above. On the recommendation of 2 co-workers and a family member I decided to check out Frontier. 

  The fare to my destination was very cheap. Like $160 for a round trip cheap. The issue here was that this was not the final cost. While the ticket itself was $160, Frontier Airlines makes up for this low cost by charging you additional fees based on where you want to sit in the plane (between  $5 and $30), and charging a $35 dollar fee for carry on bags. You are allowed 1 free item such as a purse or laptop. 

  After all was said and done though my plane ticket was still significantly less expensive than any other option. I spent a total of $250 on my ticket.

  • The flight.

  I am a slightly larger individual, around 6 foot. When buying my ticket I was fairly concerned that my knees would be driven in the passenger seat in front of me as was the case on my last two flights with Royal Thai Airlines and Southwest.

  I choose the standard seating from Frontier as opposed to their strech seating and I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much leg room I had. Not only did my knees not get buried into the seat in front of me but room to shuffle my feet forward (slightly).

  Additionally the selection of in flight food and drink was very limited. I choose their breakfast on the fly combo and was given the choice of coffee or water, chex mix or nuts.

 The only disappointment about the ride was that the seat offers little to no cushion and makes for a slightly uncomfortable ride. 

  On the plus side the Attendants were very friendly and my flight arrived arrived 20 minutes early. We’ll see how the flight is on my return. 

The San Diego Cat Cafe

  Some people may read the headline and say to themselves “Whats a Cat Café ” others who are cat lovers may read the headline and say “OMG Cat Café  in San Diego!?” 

 I’ve heard of Cat Cafes but they were always in Asia. I recently learned someone took the initiative and brought one to America’s Finest City. Being a local who enjoys playing with cats I had to go check it out.

  For those who are unfamiliar with them, a Cat Café is a generally a coffee shop where you hang out with your friends, enjoy a beverage and play with cats!!!

San Diego’s Cat Café is pretty much the same. It consists of two seperate areas. When you first walk in the door you are greeted by a friendly staff  memember that escorts you to the Café area. The purchase of a beverage, I enjoyed the mocha frap very much, serves as your admission to the cats hang out area. They also have merchandise you can purchase.

 Once you have your beverage in hand you are ready to enter the cats lounge area. Please note the Cat Café tries to promote a stress free environment for the cats so only 20 people are allowed in this area at a time. 

 The lounge area has coffee tables, benches, lots of cat toys and cats!

 While in the lounge area your free to play with the cats, pet them and just hang out.

 While hanging out with the cats proved to be quite an enjoyable morning I was also happy to find out that the Cat Café also serves as an adoption center for the cats in the lounge area as well. So you can get to know your potential feline friend and find out if you are a good match for each other. It warmed my heart to overhear the owner state that they have found homes for  approximately 175 cats.

 If your a local or just hanging out in San Diego for the weekend I definitely recommend stopping by the Cat Café located in downtown San Diego on Third Avenue. Even if you can’t adopt a cat you can certainly help support this great business.

The Mira Mesa D6 Night Market


I recently attended the D6 Night Market in Mira Mesa California. D6 is still in its infancy with this being its second year. This year the event took place in the Mira Mesa Community Park and was packed with Asian food vendors with everything from Boba to Okonomiyaki. There were break dance battles going on in some sections of the park, some merchants selling hand made crafts and even a small beer garden.


My fiancee and I circled the market once before making our first stop to the Okonomiyaki vendor that was next to one of the entrances. I was actually really surprised there was an Okonomiyaki vendor here as most people don’t seem to know what it is and combined with the fact I’ve only found one Japanese restaurant in San Diego that makes it this was a pleasant surprise.

With our hunger satisfied our next stop was to the beer garden. This was a bit disappointing. There seemed to be only 3 vendors who were selling Callahans, San Miguel and Ballast point. Each merchant seemed to only be selling between 2 and 3 different beers and despite signs outside of the beer garden stating that Green Flash and Asahi were being offered I couldn’t figure out who was selling what as only one of the three merchants had a sign indicating what they had. I ended up going with Callahans Blueberry Wheat and then watching a local band play on stage.

I think my favorite moment of this may well have been toward the end of the night. Once it got dark enough was a mini light show to some techno/house music and my friend’s daughter went nuts and danced (she runs in circles, its cute) to the beat.


Cost wise D6 night market set my fiancee and I back about $40. We purchased 2 Okinomiyakis, 2 beers, 1 boba and 1 beef stick. Not very expensive for a night out.

Overall it was a fun experience and I look forward to seeing this event grow in the future but it definitely had more of a festival vibe than a night market.


Why I signed up for a Capital One Venture card


As some of my friends, family and returning readers know I am searching for a way to leave my job and start traveling a bit. This site is really about what I am doing to get out of my current job and start traveling. I do alot of reading about the digital nomad life style. Upon reading other travel blogs I learned about travel credit cards. I guess I knew of their existence but never really paid them much attention until I started day dreaming about traveling. While alot of people I read about seem to sign up for multiple travel cards for the big sign on bonuses I just can’t see myself doing that.

After doing a lot of looking around I finally decided on signing up a for a Capital One Venture card. I do want to note that I honestly thought that the Chase Sapphire Preferred card was the better card but only opted against getting it because I thought trying to get the sign on bonus would be a bit too difficult for me.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card requires you spend $4,000 in 3 months in order to qualify for the sign on bonus which would equal out to around $625 in travel credit. The Capital One Venture card requires that you spend $3000 on their card in 3 months in order to qualify for a sign on bonus of 40,000 miles. Now don’t get excited by the numbers. That does not mean you can hop on a plane and travel 40,000 miles to anywhere you want. The reality is that every 10,000 miles is equal to 100 dollars in travel. So the bonus Capital One is offering is really $400 in travel credit. In my case while I won’t be able to pay for 1 round trip plane ticket to Thailand with this sign on bonus it will get me a nice little discount on the tickets for my Fiancee and I.

Initially I was worried that I would not be able to spend the $3000 minimum in 3 months to get the sign on bonus but to date I have accrued 4,900 reward miles. That’s pretty close to $2500 and I only been using the card since April 13. I don’t like to carry cash so I usually use my debit card anyway. Once I got my Venture card I just used it for all my daily purchases instead of my debit card. Also I pay 90% of my balance every week.

If you are thinking about getting a Capital One card here are some things you may want to know:

  • You earn 2 “miles” for every dollar spent. (every mile is essentially worth a penny)
  • Your first year is free after that there is a $59 dollar annual fee
  • It takes a few days for the miles you have “earned” to show up in your online account


How many miles do you need to accumulate to pay for a trip?

Capital One makes this pretty easy to figure out.  Multiply the cost of your travel by 100. If your travel costs $500 than use this an example 500 x 100 = 50,000 “miles”. So you would need 50,000 points. Which is pretty doable if you get the 40,000 point sign on bonus. If you don’t get the sign on bonus you’re not going to be happy. It would look more like this:

Every $1000 spent = 2000 miles. You would then need to spend $25, 000 for a $500 credit.

When shown in this perspective the capital one card does not seem like a worthwhile card  after getting the sign on bonus. If you just use this card in place of your debit card, make ALL your purchases on it and are good about paying your monthly balance on time then I guess you could keep using it every year. Personally I don’t think I will continue with this card after my first year.

How do I redeem my miles for travel.

There are 2 ways.

1 – You can book through any website or travel agent you want using your Capital One card.  Then goto or call them directly and use their Purchase Eraser tool to redeem your miles, after this you will receive a credit for your travel costs.

2 – You Can book directly through Capital Ones website. Log into your account via their website click “Accounts >> Reward Summary >> Book a Trip”


With all the above said I would recommend really looking into all your options when applying for a travel card. As I said I found the Chase Sapphire Preferred card more attractive but stuck with the Capital One Venture card because I thought spending $3000 on this card in 3 months was more easily done. If you find you can spend more then maybe the Chase card is for you.

Journeying in the Magic Kingdom


If you know me you know I am a Disney fan boy. I love going to the Magic Kingdom on the regular, being an annual passholder helps cost wise with that. I’d say I got about 15 trips out of my first annual pass.

  During my time as a passholder I have learned a few things that I will pass on to you and hopefully you will find these tips helpful.

  1. Fastpasses

A friend of mine recently went to Disney and I was quite surprised because he called me from Disney to ask about fast passes. Fast passes are ways for you to get through a ride quicker.

Essentially goto a ride with a fastpass designated area. Insert your ticket/pass into the machine and it will give you a ticket that will let you come back at a later time and skip 90 percent of the line. These tickets are especially useful for the big rides like Indian Jones or Space mountain which can have lines up to 90 minutes long!

If you have a multipark ticket that lets you visit California adventure and Disneyland on the same day I recommend getting a fastpass from both parks and then waiting in line for a different ride.

The Cars ride at California Adventure is incredibly popular and wait times can average 70+ minutes. The fast pass for this is located between the “A Bugs Life” land and the Grizzly River Run ride. I’ve seen them run out of fast passes for this ride as early as Noon so get them as soon as you can!

It should be noted that not every ride has a fast pass.

2. Grab a locker

I know going to Disney can be expensive and you probably don’t want to spend another $15 on a locker. I’ve felt the same way. But after walking around for 5 hours with a heavy backpack full of water bottles and snacks that you brought in to save money your back will be sore and this is going to impact your mood. Plus it sucks trying to tuck a heavy backpack between your legs every time you get on a ride.

Grabbing a locker may cost you a little bit more but hey its less stuff you have to lug around. Plus you can shove your purchases from throughout the day in there or even bring a change of clothes for after those wet rides like splash mountain.

3.My Favorite Places to Eat

I don’t like making meals for the park, and carrying them around or leaving them in a hot locker all day. I also do not like expensive yet terrible food. That being said my top places to eat in Disney are:

Carnation Cafe

This is right on Main Street across from the Starbucks. You dont usually need a reservation to eat here and their breakfasts and lunches are actually pretty affordable if your a small party.

I usually come here and have burger and a vanilla malt. Which will run in the $12-15 dollar range.

The French Market

I’ve eaten here a few times and its quickly becoming a favorite. Its inexpensive, has outdoor seating and periodically throughout the day will have live music.

I usually get the jambalaya here along with a coke. As with Carnation Cafe the price is usually around $12-$15 per plate.

Blue Bayou

For those who are not on a budget Blue Bayou is a GREAT place to eat. This restaurant is inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It makes you feel like you are eating on the deck of a house in the bayou.  The ambiance is really fantastic. Sometimes you get lucky and can walk in but usually you will need a reservation to eat at this delicious place.

The meals here run between $30 and $50 per plate but the ambiance and service are top notch. I usually have  the Surf and Turf with a Louisiana Lemonade and I do not ever regret a meal here.